Low Grade Inflammation Test

Do you know low grade inflammation is associated with conditions such as:   Cardiovascular Disease Some colon cancers Alzheimer’s Disease Autoimmune Disease Diabetes Obesity      What Is Inflammation?   While inflammation is an important part of the body’s healing … Continued

Food Intolerance V’s Food Allergy

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Client’s often mix up food intolerance (or food sensitivity) and food allergy.  However food allergies and food intolerance’s are very different.  In general a food allergy is tested in a hospital or by your GP. The main differences are Food … Continued

Food Intolerance Testing

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Have you ever asked yourself… Why am I so bloated?  Could food be causing my bloating? What is causing my acne? What is causing my acid reflux? What is causing my pain? Am I eating foods that aggravate my pain? What … Continued

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