Fiona my Lifesaver!!

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On Friday the 1st of May 2015 my life changed forever. This was the day I received my food intolerance results from Fiona. I will admit when I initially went to Fiona I was a bit pessimistic. My case is very complicated in October 2010 my health went downhill. Initially it started with having ulcers, which I was shocked with as I would have lived a fairly healthy lifestyle. So after having repeat OGD’s and biopsies I became very unwell. Within one year I was admitted to hospital five times so you can imagine the stress and strain this caused and still I was just given more and more medication. At one stage I was vomiting on a daily basis, taking ten tablets a day and injecting myself just to prevent being admitted to hospital, while trying to live a normal life, hold down a full-time job and study for my Honours Degree.

I was still very unwell and a family member recommended I make an appointment with Fiona. I was cynical as I was attending a dietician at the time. After debating what to do I decided to make an appointment because I knew I couldn’t continue living my life like this at 34 years of age. I had no quality of life. I really didn’t think Fiona would be able to do anything for me as I have a medical condition but little did I realise Fiona would turn my life around.

When I received my food intolerance results I was completely shocked. Fiona and I discussed what I needed to do and I started to change my eating habits the following day. The foods I had been previously eating were the foods I was in fact intolerant to. Currently I’ve eliminated the foods which I was intolerant to. I haven’t been admitted to hospital in twelve months and I’ve decreased my medication phenomenally. Currently we are introducing some foods gradually due to my underlying condition. Both Fiona and I have discussed re-testing and I have decided to have this done in 2016.

I could write and write but I wanted to give a brief outline of my story and I feel this testimonial does not do justice to what Fiona has done for me. Fiona has given me my life back. I will forever be grateful to Fiona. Fiona is always available and I really appreciate that. I cannot thank Fiona enough she has truly saved my life and I always recommend her to everyone. The day I met Fiona was the day I started to get my life back.

Yvonne, 2015

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