Pain Prevented Her Playing With Her Son

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Ellen was a stay at home Mum.  She was in good shape and generally a happy person, although at times she found herself getting more irritable than she realised she should.  Her main issues were her infrequent bowel movements, her inability to lose weight and the back pain she suffered with since giving birth to her son 4 years previously. Her back pain was preventing her from playing with her son to her full ability.  She occasionally had to take pain medication.

Her energy levels were an issue by late afternoon / early evening and felt a coke in the evening was a necessity to get her through.  She put this down to running around after her son.

After analysing Ellen’s eating habits in full, I recommended she removed wheat from her diet. I advised her of the wheat free alternatives and provided recipes.

She had recently started adding sweetener to her tea at breakfast to give her an extra boost until lunchtime.  Without it, she would need to snack at 11 and regularly “crashed”, needing to snack on sweet things during the day and after meals.  I recommended low GI foods as high GI foods were causing a rapid rise in blood sugar levels, which were contributing to her lethargy, increased hunger, weight increase and initial elevation in energy and mood but then a “crash”. I asked her to remove the sweetener from her tea and include protein in her breakfast instead.

Ellen was intrigued with removing the sweetener and seeing if protein with her breakfast would really keep her going until lunchtime!

4 weeks after our initial consultation, Ellen told me she was fascinated with “the feeling of being full but not bloated and heavy – it’s a very odd feeling”.  Her bowel movements had increased and she no longer needed her 11am or mid afternoon snack.  She had tried bread a couple of days prior to meeting and felt so sick and exhausted, she had to lie down!

I gave her further recommendations to help with her bowel movements; overall health and energy and after just three consultations, she had not only lost weight, her clothes were looser on her and she was a notch down on her belt!  She no longer suffered with back pain and was able to swing and play with her son to her hearts content!  Ellen was now going to bed at 11.30-12 because it was getting late, rather than the previous feeling of exhaustion by 9!

Feeling of Exhaustion was Normal
Ellen’s story was one of many, where a food intolerance takes over our lives without us even knowing.  She had put all her back problems down to childbirth and thought the feeling of exhaustion by 9 was normal with a young son.

Ellen described how she loves the feeling of being full without being bloated or heavy and doesn’t feel like she is missing out on wheat because I provided an alternative to everything she previously ate.

Does this sound familiar?

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