I was addicted to chocolate!

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I contacted Fiona for weight loss as I had two babies in 19 months and even though I exercised and ate quite well during my pregnancy, I still had about a stone to loose to get back to my pre pregnancy weight on my second son.

I came across Health & Nutrition’s Facebook page and decided to join Fiona’s programme.  She sent me all the information and was very encouraging.

I was addicted to chocolate!  Every evening I would sit down with a cup of tea and have a small bar so I asked Fiona what should I do and amongst other things, she simply said ‘don’t buy them’!  It was the greatest piece of advice given!

The cravings subsided!

I started exercising more and I’ve lost 1 stone and 17 inches in the last 6 months. I’ve more energy and clothes I haven’t worn in years fit me!

I think educating yourself about food and getting advice from Health & Nutrition is the key factor if you’re serious about loosing weight.

Set realistic goals every week and you will achieve them!

Remember if it doesn’t challenge ye it won’t change ye!

From mum of 3 boys,

Caroline, Weight loss Wexford