KFM Interview – Healthy Ireland Survey

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October 2016

I was invited to talk to Shane from KFM Radio, about the findings of the second Healthy Ireland survey launched this week by Minster Marcella Corcoran Kennedy.  I was delighted to hear the Minister say “we need to put more emphasis on prevention of health problems before they arise, as we know that the majority of chronic diseases are preventable”. 

It’s time to learn how important a role nutrition plays in our lives because if we don’t start to change what we are consuming, more of us are going to suffer unnecessarily!!! Just like I did, for 7 long years!!

Listen to the interview below

The survey revealed some very interesting findings, including:

  • 84% of people living in Ireland say their health is very good or good although 28% indicate that they have a long-standing illness or health condition
  • 23% of the population are current smokers
  • Three in five eat snacks every day with 42% of the population eating 6 or more portions daily
  • Just 27% eat five portions of fruit and vegetables daily
  • 14% consume sugar sweetened drinks daily, rising to 22% of those aged 15 to 24
  • 37% of drinkers indicate that they drink six or more standard drinks (“binge drinking”) on a typical drinking occasion
  • 91% of those who feel they do not undertake a sufficient level of activity would like to be more active
  • While 19% of people living in Ireland smoke on a daily basis, recruitment of new smokers continues at a high rate with 20% of those aged under 25 currently smoking
  • 67% of men and 39% of women aged under 25 binge drink on a typical drinking occasion
  • The average annual number of GP visits rises from 3.4 visits among 15 to 24 year olds to 8.4 among those aged 75 and older and 27% have consulted a medical or surgical consultant in the past 12 months
  • Approximately half of the people living in Ireland have had some experience of people with mental health issues

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