Testing Children For Food Intolerance

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I have tested numerous children now for food intolerance / sensitivity and had great results.  However, the process for testing children for food intolerance is slightly different.  For children under 16yrs of age we need a GP referral and the … Continued

Gluten Free Pancakes

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Most of us take it for granted we’ll be having pancakes on Shrove Tuesday but for a lot of people, pancakes are a big no-no.  Why?  Because they are unable to tolerate one or more ingredient, such as wheat, gluten, … Continued


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Yvonne Yvonne spent 5 years in and out of hospital.  She had numerous OCG’s & biopsies, was vomiting and on ten tablets a day and injecting herself just to prevent being admitted to hospital.  She was 34 and in her … Continued


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Frank Frank was a 5 year old boy who suffered with eczema badly since the age of 2, who woke frequently crying, scratching and bleeding.  Read how in just a few short weeks, Frank’s skin became clear and there was … Continued

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