Symptoms That Will Shock You!

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Clients are always surprised when we discuss some of the symptoms of food intolerance, conditions they would never have thought were linked to what we consume.  We’ve all heard the phrase “we are what we eat” but in fact, we … Continued

Gluten Free Pancakes

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Most of us take it for granted we’ll be having pancakes on Shrove Tuesday but for a lot of people, pancakes are a big no-no.  Why?  Because they are unable to tolerate one or more ingredient, such as wheat, gluten, … Continued


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Yvonne Yvonne spent 5 years in and out of hospital.  She had numerous OCG’s & biopsies, was vomiting and on ten tablets a day and injecting herself just to prevent being admitted to hospital.  She was 34 and in her … Continued


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Frank Frank was a 5 year old boy who suffered with eczema badly since the age of 2, who woke frequently crying, scratching and bleeding.  Read how in just a few short weeks, Frank’s skin became clear and there was … Continued


This pesto recipe is simple to make and dairy free. Ingredients 2 large handfuls fresh basil 1 lemon (juice of) 4 tbspn Olive oil 2 cloves garlic 1 ripe avocado 1/3 cup pine nuts Instructions Start by toasting the pine nuts in a pan with no oil for about 2 minutes, regularly … Continued

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