I’m always delighted to be asked to talk or write about nutrition and how simple changes can have dramatic impact on our day to day lives.  Here a few of the contributions I have made and interviews I have had.



October 2016

Interview with Denis Mahon for UTV Ireland News

(unfortunately I am unable to share the interview due to UTV Ireland’s copyright laws)












Nutrition Kildare 




Radio Interviews



May 2017

The importance of sleep is often overlooked despite the fact it is fundamental to our health so I was delighted to talk to Ciara Plunkett on how our diet impacts our sleep and vice versa.

Read more on the importance of sleep and take a listen to my interview here.


March 2017

With oats in the media again today, I talk to Ciara Plunkett on the benefits of including oats in our diet and how we can incorporate them into our diets other than just with plain porridge!

Read more on the benefits of oats and take a listen to my interview here.


January 2017

January has become synonymous with weight loss diets, diet foods and detoxing but crazy fad diets are rarely sustainable.  The key is to making one small change every day…

Read more on healthy sustainable changes you can make this January and listen to my interview here


December 2016

The Food Pyramid was updated today by the Department of Health with a clear distancing of the “top shelf” foods and drinks which are high in sugar, salt and fat. KFM Radio invited me in to discuss the new pyramid and to get my advice on how we can increase our fruit and vegetables to 5-7 per day.

Read more on Food Pyramid changes and listen to my interview here


October 2016

I was invited to talk to Shane about the findings of the second Healthy Ireland survey launched this week by Minster Marcella Corcoran Kennedy.

Read more on survey and listen to my interview here


September 2016

Following the Governments latest Obesity Plan, KFM invited me into the studio to discuss obesity and what we can do to avoid becoming the fattest country in Europe by 2030.

Read more on the obesity plan and listen to my interview here



June 2016

An interview with Kelly from Dublin City FM on my journey from Hell to Health and how I healed my Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain through nutrition! Listen here




Radio interview with Andrea Hayes in May 2015