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Christmas Nights Out

There’s no getting away from the tins of biscuits, boxes of chocolates and party food everywhere you turn this month, so try these simple tips to keep you looking and feeling as great... READ MORE

Overwhelming Fatigue

If endless partying, shopping and tying up all those loose ends at work have quickly depleted your natural energy stores. Follow these simple but effective tips to recharge your batteries and start the... READ MORE

How Can I Increase My Protein?

Protein is the new “buzz word” at the moment with so many people asking “how can I increase my protein?”  There are protein shakes, protein bars, protein chicken, protein milk….. Huh?  Marketing departments caught on... READ MORE

Understanding Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a little like grief, until you experience it, what you think it is, is a misconception. But to those who suffer with it, Fibromyalgia is very real. Defined as “a syndrome... READ MORE

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

We understand that situations arise in which you must cancel your appointment, however, we ask that if you must cancel your appointment you provide us with 24 Hours notice. I have limited availability... READ MORE

Random Acts of Kindness

This lent instead of giving up something, why not focus on giving back instead? I’ve come up with 40 random acts of kindness as a guideline.  They’re simple and inexpensive but could literally... READ MORE