What My Clients Have Said


Yvonne Yvonne spent 5 years in and out of hospital.  She had numerous OCG’s & biopsies, was vomiting and on ten tablets a day and injecting herself just to prevent being admitted to... READ MORE

Mood & Energy Testimonials

David David suffered with mood swings, violent outbursts and irritability.  He found it hard to concentrate and his energy dipped every afternoon.   David had never looked on food as anything more than just... READ MORE


Frank Frank was a 5 year old boy who suffered with eczema badly since the age of 2, who woke frequently crying, scratching and bleeding.  Read how in just a few short weeks,... READ MORE

Digestive Health Testimonials

Moira For many years Moira was constantly tired, extremely bloated and her moods were not great.  She had visited specialists in the past and been diagnosed with PCOS and IBS but no food... READ MORE

Understanding Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a little like grief, until you experience it, what you think it is, is a misconception. But to those who suffer with it, Fibromyalgia is very real. Defined as “a syndrome... READ MORE