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Sesame and Spelt Scones

This is a delicious and healthy scone recipe that is so simple to make and absolutely delicious. I have experimented a few times with this recipe and change the flours frequently.  You can... READ MORE

Sweet & Salty Almond Bars

A healthier snack perfect for children and adults, this bar is packed with nutrients.  Both Almonds and sesame seeds are a good source of fiber, calcium, B vitamins, protein, magnesium, iron and zinc, and... READ MORE

Crunchy Granola

A slightly different granola recipe from my previous one, this granola is crunchier as it is oven cooked. Both are very adaptable, simple to make, inexpensive and variable – just change the nuts and... READ MORE


Homemade granola is so simple, inexpensive and can vary every time you eat it, depending on what nuts and seed you have. A lot of shop bough granola’s are full of sugar because of... READ MORE

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