All of My Symptoms Are Practically Cleared Up

I would definitely recommend others to take the Food Intolerance Test. I put it off for so long until I couldn’t face my symptoms any longer and I am so happy now that I did it. I found Fiona to be extremely friendly, helpful and professional. The test is so quick and easy. Results are elaborate and Fiona also gave me some documentation and notes with some great advice for alternate foods etc. I cut out the problem foods almost straight away and cannot believe the results now. I had suffered so badly with IBS, severe bloating and other skin issues previously. Since cutting out the relevant foods, adjusting my food accordingly and focusing on what I could include, I feel so much better. All of my symptoms are practically cleared up. No more severe bloating and IBS/digestive discomfort constantly and terrible eczema on my legs and scalp has also cleared up too. I feel so great, have more energy and feel so much more confident. The test gave me clarity on what I needed to avoid and what I didn’t need to avoid. Fiona was on phone and email to answer any questions I had and reply’s were always prompt and very helpful. Thank you again Fiona for your help.

– Katie 2017