Everything About Our Daughter Changed

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Our daughter Sophie began experiencing stomach complaints back in December 2013. Initially we thought it was a bug or the usual minor illness children at her age pick up, but unfortunately things did not get better and in fact Sophie was in extreme pain day in day out. After numerous trips to our local doctor who was fantastic, we were sent for further testing to the local children’s hospital.

Our own doctor began treatment for a condition that she suspected Sophie was suffering from prior to any results being received as Sophie was in so much pain. She was missing school on a regular basis and her whole life and ours had effectively been put on hold. She could no longer attend any play dates as she was afraid to be away from a bathroom, nor could she attend any parties or take part in any after school activities. Everything about our daughter changed. It was like our lives revolved around this stomach condition that Sophie had.

We then received the results from the barrage of tests and it did in fact confirm that Sophie was suffering with H Pylori – as our own doctor suspected. Sophie was treated with various courses of antibiotics whilst taking up to 3 or 4 antacid tablets a day to try and limit this condition but unfortunately it did not work. An endoscopy was ordered and biopsies were taken which revealed that her condition was not treated and still very much active and another round of tablets ensued. This was having a terrible effect on Sophie and our family, we had basically spent a whole year travelling to different hospitals for different tests and receiving courses of tablets to try and eliminate this condition.

I decided to take matters into my own hands and basically started researching foods and intolerances etc. I came across Fiona’s page on Facebook and contacted her about an open evening she was having in Naas. We booked in to attend in Jan 2015 and from the moment Fiona and her colleague started to speak about the effects certain foods can have on the intestines I felt they were talking about Sophie. It was as if they had met her and were describing exactly what she had described her pain to be on daily basis. The relief I felt that night that maybe just maybe we had found someone who could help my daughter.

I arranged with Fiona that evening to take Sophie to her for testing. We arrived and the test was painless and over in a matter of minutes. I got a great vibe from Fiona and knew she was there to help. Sophie’s results came through and immediately Fiona rang me and went through everything with me. It was amazing to think that everything my daughter craved and ate the most was what she had an intolerance too. In Feb of 2015 we cut out all things diary from Sophie’s diet and we have never looked back. She has not had any episodes of pain nor have we attended our doctor or taken any prescribed medication since then. Sophie has a whole new lease of life and is back to the happy and bubbly child that she was before this all began. We wholeheartedly thank Fiona and firmly believe that if we did not attend that evening back in Jan we would not be in this position today.

Lorraine, Sophies Mum, July 2015

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