My Psoriasis Cleared

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I went to Fiona with a bad outbreak of psoriasis and general lack of energy. I did the food intolerance test and was flabbergasted by how many foods showed up, but it proved to me that my gut was in turmoil and I needed to do something about it as this was what was showing on my skin.

It felt like I was intolerant to everything but fruit and veg, but Fiona patiently walked me through the results and came up with sensible alternatives. It’s not easy taking the time to look after yourself as a busy parent but Fiona was a great coach and educator and after 3 months of (almost) no cheating I saw fantastic results.

My skin was clear and I could wear whatever clothes I wanted. But more than that, it was an education that will last all my life. I did reintroduce the foods again but know exactly what to do now when an outbreak happens. Some of the alternatives I found during the diet have now became a staple in my diet which is overall much healthier than before. The best thing was realising I could still eat out in good restaurants whilst staying off the biggies like gluten and dairy and Fiona was a great help with this. Thanks for everything Fiona, it has been a positive and permanent change.

If you would like to get a food intolerance test, call me on 0866016701 or read more information here