Food Intolerance V’s Food Allergy

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Client’s often mix up food intolerance (or food sensitivity) and food allergy.  However food allergies and food intolerance’s are very different.  In general a food allergy is tested in a hospital or by your GP.

The main differences are

Food Intolerance Food Allergy
Dose dependent Generally irreversible
May not appear for hours or even days Generally within minutes
Won’t kill you but can cause huge discomfort Can often be life threatening

Do I have A Food Intolerance?

Food intolerance can be hard to diagnose as the offending food may be consumed daily, so symptoms are ongoing, therefore making it harder to connect to a particular food.    Food intolerance or food sensitivity is often dismissed by the medical profession and sufferers are sometimes made feel its “all in their head”.

Do You Suffer With Any Of The Following?

Skin Disorders – Eczema, psoriasis or acne

Respiratory Disorders – Sinusitis, persistent runny nose, or asthma

Energy – Low or dipped energy, feeling sleepy after meals, difficulty waking, depression

Weight Management Issues – Unable to gain or lose weight

Pain / Inflammation – Chronic pain, Migraines / headaches

Childhood Conditions – Colic, Middle ear infections

You may be suffering with a food intolerance….

 Ignoring food intolerance’s can have a detrimental affect on your health, leading to a build up of undigested toxic matter in your intestines, which can cause any of the symptoms above.

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