How Food Intolerance Affects Your Health

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If you have an intolerance to certain foods your body does not completely digest these foods.  Over time, the continuous consumption of such foods leads to a build up of undigested toxic matter within the intestines.  This causes bloating, irritation and inflammation of the intestines.

These toxins eventually make their way into the bloodstream where they are carried by the blood throughout the body.  As soon as they enter the general circulation, the immune system is triggered and it attacks these undigested, toxic food particles.

The immune system responds to this invasion of the bloodstream by releasing slow onset type, defence antibodies.  These antibodies seek out and attack the invaders.  However, a side effect of this clash between the antibody and the undigested food toxins is that it causes general inflammation in the surrounding tissues.  This inflammation process results in swelling, oedema, heat and pain in the affected area and marks the beginning of the person’s food intolerance illness.  This inflammatory process continues for as long as the  person continues to eat the offending food.

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