Oats – Why Are They Good For Us?

With oats in the media this morning on it’s heart and gut benefits, I spoke to Ciara Plunkett from KFM on how to incorporate them into our diets and why they are so good for us.

Why are oats good for us:

  • Balance our blood sugars, thus giving us a steady increase of energy
  • Aid weight loss as they keep us fuller for longer
  • Heart healthy, lowering our risk of high cholesterol
  • Packed full of vitamins (such as magnesium, B vitamins, iron & zinc)
  • Great for chicken pox, psoriasis or eczema – put a cup full in a net and place them in the bath.  The oats release a creamy substance to sooth the itch.


How to incorporate them into our diets:

  • Liven up your porridge by adding half a grated apple or pear
  • Sprinkle milled nuts & seeds over your porridge for extra flavour and added protein
  • Switch your porridge for overnight oats or two different types of granola instead. Quick granola & crunchy granola
  • Increase the nutritional benefits of plain pancakes with these delicious ones
  • Try these energy balls for a healthier treat


Listen to my interview with Ciara below for more tips (click the very left of the black area – for some reason the play sign isn’t showing, thanks!)