Weight Loss – How To Chose The Best Option For You

January has become synonymous with New Years Resolutions and weight loss but if you’re looking to lose weight this year, don’t just choose a programme that will give you the quickest weight loss.  Instead, ask yourself:

  1. Is it a sustainable diet or just a quick fix?
  2. How restrictive is the diet?  Do I have to cut food groups out?  Will eating out become a nightmare?
  3. Are there any side effects to my health being on this diet?  Unlimited carbs sounds great on a diet, but how does that effect my cholesterol levels?
  4. Be cautious with gimmicks and shake diets.  Yes you will lose weight, but what have you learnt? You can’t sustain a restrictive diet long term.  Once you go back to your old eating habits you will most likely regain what you had lost.  All that pain and restrictions for nothing.
  5. How is my success measured?  Is it just purely weight loss?  What if I exercise more and put on muscle, is that taken into account?

The reality is there may be weeks when your weight stays the same but you could have gained muscle, while losing body fat, which is a positive, not a negative. Using a Body Composition Analyser compared to a standard weighing scales gives us a more accurate understanding of what is going on on the inside as well as the outside.  The body composition analyser measures Body fat, Visceral fat, Hydration levels, Muscle mass, BMR & your Metabolic age.

What a lot of weight loss companies fail to do is provide you with a HEALTHY DIET FOR LIFE.  And I don’t mean “diet” in the context most of us understand it, but a healthy eating plan.

Your body is only able to lose 1-3lbs of fat per week.  Anything else is either water retention or muscle.  Losing weight slowly and following a realistic plan for life, is far better for your weight and health in the long term.  Crazy diets may get you into an outfit for a couple of days but are unsustainable and reverting back to your old eating habits will cause you to balloon and put on more weight because of the damage you have done to your body.

What is important is finding a healthy diet for life!

Choose an option best for you, long term!

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