Achieve Your Goals

Most of us set New Year resolutions but unfortunately fail shortly after.  When setting resolutions, be sure to set realistic ones!

Goals can be powerful motivators, if done correctly. If done badly, however, they can have an opposite effect, i.e., lowering motivation and desire for improvement.

When setting goals – think SMARTER!

Goals must be:




Goals must be precise and clear – what do you want to accomplish & how will you do it?



How will you know you have achieved your goal?  Set criteria for measuring your progress



Be sure you have the resources to achieve your goal – whether it is time, finances or the ability to complete the goal



You must truly believe you can accomplish this goal rather than being unreasonably optimistic


Time Bound

Set a date to encourage you to accomplish your goal.  Not setting a date removes the urgency and motivation to get it moving!



Goals need to be something you are excited about and either enjoy doing or will enjoy the outcome.  If goals don’t meet this criteria, you probably won’t do them!



Goals needed to be evaluated regularly and sometimes adjusted to account for changes in life – redo your goals, through the SMARTER process!



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