Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

I am always being asked for tips on an efficient way to lose weight but as everyone is different, the “one size fits all” hat, does not work when trying to lose weight.

So why is losing weight easy for some and not for others? There are a few factors that must be considered:

  • Portion Size – Are you eating too much or too little of one food group?
  • How efficient is your digestive system?
  • Do you have an under active thyroid?
  • Do you have any food intolerances?
  • Do you crave and / or eat a lot of sweet foods?
  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • Are you setting unrealistic goals
  • Do you suspect you have Candida?
  • Are you eating healthily?
  • Does your motivation fluctuate?

All of the above can affect our ability to lose weight despite eating a healthy diet.

If you are having difficulty losing weight or suspect you suffer with one of the above, your eating plan may just need a little tweaking.  Give me a call on 086 601 6701, drop me an email to book a consultation or take a  look at the services I can offer..