Food Intolerance Indicator Test

This is a simple blood test designed to tell you if you suffer with food intolerance. This is what the test does:

  1. This Indicator Test only scans your blood to assess if you have the specific antibody markers for food intolerance.
  2. It does not tell you which foods you are intolerant to.
  3. A NEGATIVE result from the Indicator Test tells you that you do not have food intolerance issues.
  4. A POSITIVE result tells you that you do suffer with food intolerance issues.
  5. If you get a POSITIVE result from the Indicator Test, you can then progress to one of the bigger tests (60, 93200 or vegetarian test) if you want to find the exact culprit foods.
The laboratory can run the full test from the blood sample already submitted for the Indicator Test (if ordered within six weeks of the blood collection).

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