What Can I Eat?

Finding alternative foods can be overwhelming when you discover you have a food intolerance, which is why I ensure all my clients leave with a list of alternatives, information on where to shop, where to eat and a heap of recipes to make their own.  Time and time again, the food most client’s have difficulty with is bread or sweet treats.  They either contain wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs or yeast making it very difficult for anyone with a gluten intolerance, dairy intolerance, yeast intolerance, egg intolerance or wheat intolerance to enjoy something as simple as a sandwich.

Gluten and wheat free foods often contain more sugar, more preservatives and nasty ingredients I can’t pronounce let alone have in the cupboard, so your best suggestion is to make your own.  Bulk bake.  Designate a day a week or month to trash the kitchen and make all sorts of goodies for the freezer!  There’s nothing like homemade bread or baked goods.  Not only does it fill the house with a delicious aroma, but you know you are eating good quality ingredients and of course there is always that sense of pride when you make something yourself.

With two small children and a business to run, I’m all about the quick and easy in the kitchen but of course being a nutritionist I’m very conscious of things being healthy.  We do have our sweet treats but I do my best to either make my own or buy treats that are good for us.

I’ve put together a list (that will grow, so keep an eye on this blog) of simple recipes that are either a healthier version of a not so healthy treat or foods catering for those suffering with intolerances.

Here are a few of my favourite, easy peasy recipes.


Who doesn’t love pizza but does pizza love you?  This red lentil pizza is not only full of protein, but it is gluten, wheat, dairy, egg and yeast free.  My children keep telling me I should sell it, it tastes that good! Using a dairy and nut free pesto base eliminates the need for cheese and is absolutely delicious!

If you like that one, why not try a different base made with Quinoa

Take a look at some more lunch or dinner options.


Sandwiches are quick and easy, but when you have intolerance’s it is very hard to find bread that is dairy, wheat, egg, soya, nut and yeast free! If you are ok with spelt (it contains gluten). Take a look at more breads here


There’s nothing like afternoon tea with scones and jam but it’s not exactly healthy is it?  How about switching your regular caffeinated tea to a herbal tea and making your own scones?  There are so many variations you can make, adding frozen or fresh fruit, apple, raisin or sultanas or just plain.  If you’re looking for gluten free here are 4 variations or if you can have spelt, why not try these Sesame & Spelt Scones


Do you miss pancakes because just looking at one makes you put on weight or make you look 6 months pregnant?  Try switching your plain white gluten flour for these delicious pancakes instead.  Not only are they wheat, egg, yeast and dairy free, but they contain nutritional benefits.  Yes you read correctly, they are actually good for you (in moderation of course!)  Take a look at some delicious pancake recipes here


Frustrated you can’t get anything tasty as a treat that doesn’t contain the foods you are intolerant to without having half a bag of chemicals thrown in? Have a look at our treat section in our recipes for some guidance.


Ooooh who doesn’t love cake especially and when it’s made with healthy ingredients, sure it would be rude not to try at least one! I am constantly talking to clients about quinoa and the benefits, so I was delighted when I found this Quinoa Avocado Chocolate Fudge Cake.  A healthier version of the well know iceberger ice creams, these peanut butter & banana ice cream sandwiches look delicious! Ok so eating these every day wouldn’t be good for you, even if they do contain healthy ingredients but they would be fun to make, especially with the kiddies, and would be a healthier alternative to some of the cakes being served.

If you are suspicious of a food intolerance and would like to know for sure, call me on 0866016701 to arrange a test