January Weight Loss

I was delighted to be invited onto KFM today to discuss weight loss and fad diets with Ciara Plunkett. January has become synonymous with weight loss diets, diet foods and detoxing but crazy fad diets are rarely sustainable.  Setting realistic goals is always the first step in any weight loss programme but this is so often overlooked for the quick fix, unsustainable, restrictive diets.  After a few weeks most people get bored and are back to their old unhealthy eating habits.

The key is to making one small change each day or each week.  Changes such as:

  • Starting your day with a healthy breakfast and making sure you don’t skip this important meal!
  • Increase your water intake
  • Get enough sleep – try going to bed early 2/3 early a week
  • 15 – 30 minute exercise
  • Mind your mental health
  • Watch your alcohol intake
  • Detox naturally


If you are struggling to lose weight, take a look at these simple tips and checklist or consider looking into my Weight Loss Coaching.


Listen to my interview with Ciara below (click the very left of the black area – for some reason the play sign isn’t showing, thanks!)