December 2013
“I’m really over the moon. Another pound down tonight, this has definitely been the most successful weight loss in such a short period of time ever.  I have really enjoyed the challenge of the last 6 weeks since I started with Fiona. I have completely changed my way of eating and I am learning to cook food now from scratch rather than just using the jars.

Its great to know exactly what I am eating.  I am a mum of a 3 month old and I feel great. I have lost 17 pounds in 6 weeks. Roll on Christmas, no reason for it to get in the way of the weight loss I hope.”

– Miriam, Weight loss Kildare – Dec 2013

May 2014 Update

“I started with Fiona 6 months ago and have lost 2 stone 8 lbs during that period. I don’t feel that I have been on a diet as such, more healthy eating. I have learned so much about food and nutrition in the last 6 months compared to years in other weight loss programs.  I lost 1 stone and half very quickly in 2 months and then it took another 3 months to loose the next half a stone. I went up and down for weeks and Fiona has recommended doing a food intolerance test. I debated long and hard and eventually gave in. It’s the best thing I did. I realised I was intolerant to a lot of the foods I was eating in large quantities eg eggs,  by omitting them  from my diet, I have lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks. I never feel hungry and eat plenty of food every day but its food that agrees with me. I now combine the Low GL eating with the foods that agree with me and for the first time in my life, I can visualise myself as being slim.

Thanks Fiona for all your help and looking forward to getting to the 3 stone mark.”

July 2014 Update

“Hi Fiona, I have just reached the 3 stone mark (8 months) and I am really over the moon. It took me 2 years to loose this amount for my wedding and that was over 7 years ago. I have learned so much about nutrition along the way and I really feel that this is a new way of eating for life. It was great to get the food intolerance test done especially as I was eating a lot of the foods I was intolerant so it really helped me to get from 2 stone to 3 stone in 3 months. I am hoping to keep going now and maybe even try and get another stone off in the next few months. Thanks again for all your patience and knowledge over the last 8 months.”

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