I Felt The Difference In The First Week!

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I cannot believe the journey I have been on.

For many years I have been constantly tired, extremely bloated (which caused real pain) and my moods were not great.

I have a very busy full time job, so I kept putting it down to the fact that I was always too busy to take time out for myself and make changes.

I have visited specialists in the past and been diagnosed with PCOS and IBS. No diets / food changes to help with these problems ever helped.

My health became such a worry that I went to visit Fiona and my journey began.

I was Wheat, Yeast and Dairy intolerant, with a few other intolerances like peanuts, corn, maize, bananas, pineapple.

First reaction is what am I going to eat, and drink as I do like my white wine at the weekend, and how will I cope without my giant chocolate buttons….

Fiona was full of recipe ideas and food replacements.

I decided I was going to concentrate on the foods I could have and not on the ones that were causing all my problems.

I felt the difference in the first week.

I had really bad headaches for a few days as I was cutting down on the tea also, but after that it became much easier.

My husband is a great cook and started to cook everything from scratch. No packets, no tins. Our first shop reading all the labels took almost 2 hours.

Every minute of the 12 weeks was worth it. I have so much energy, I have dropped a dress size and my mood is much brighter. I feel I am back to being the kind of person I used to be.

I have advanced osteoarthritis in my right knee and although it’s not cured, it is much improved.

I could quite easily stay on this eating plan and keep feeling this good. Fiona also gave great advice when it came to making sure I was getting all my vitamins within my new eating plan.

I cannot thank Fiona enough for all her help. Fiona is so easy to talk to and understood exactly how I was feeling. The recipes and the websites she gave me have been a godsend. Ordering food on a night out is so much easier than you could imagine. Most restaurants accommodate food intolerances with a smile.

Life is good.

Thank you Fiona

Moira, Dublin

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