We recommend our clients eat the products below for 3-5 days before coming in for the test, while consuming as broad a range of foods as possible.  If you have removed any foods from your diet, please reintroduce them (unless they cause you to become ill or you have been given medical advice to remove them ). 

  • Goats products – cheese, milk, yogurts
  • Soya products – cheese, milk, yogurts
  • Spelt bread (available in all major supermarkets)
  • Some form of nuts, seeds & oats
  • Sweet potato

Testing Children

For children under 16yrs of age we need a GP referral and the letter must specifically request a “food intolerance test”. The GP must collect the blood sample. We will do the laboratory analysis and return the results to the GP.

Health & Nutrition support the HPRA recommendation:
Consult your GP before booking a food intolerance test.