Random Acts of Kindness

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Lent is a great time to give up something you know you could do without for 40 days.  Sweets, chocolate, biscuits, alcohol or cigarettes.  But  how about giving back this Lent instead?

I’ve come up with 40 random acts of kindness as a guideline.  They’re simple and inexpensive but could literally change someone’s day… or life!


  1. Give someone a compliment
  2. Let someone go ahead of you in the line
  3. Donate to your local charity shop
  4. Pay for a strangers coffee
  5. Smile at everyone you see today
  6. Leave positive feedback online for a service you received
  7. Thank someone you may take for granted
  8. Leave a happy note for someone else to find
  9. Send a random text to a friend to remind them how much you appreciate them
  10. Buy some extra food and give it to a food bank
  11. Leave heads up pennies on the ground
  12. Visit an elderly neighbour or family member
  13. Send a thank you note
  14. Let the kids choose what fun they would like today
  15. Check up on a friend who is grieving
  16. Hold the door open for others
  17. Set up a bird bath
  18. Offer to babysit for a friend or family member
  19. Leave a present on a colleagues table
  20. Pick up rubbish at a playground
  21. Do something helpful for a family member or friend
  22. Invite someone lonely to meet up
  23. Leave a random note of kindness inside a library book
  24. Leave change on a vending machine
  25. Volunteer at your local charity store or homeless shelter
  26. Say thank you!
  27. Tell your parents you love them
  28. Donate books to a library
  29. Sponsor a child
  30. Visit a nursing home
  31. Donate or help at an animal shelter
  32. Spend time outdoors
  33. Put your phone down when you’re in company
  34. Talk to a stranger
  35. Plant something, mind it and watch it grow
  36. Surprise a friend with a bunch of flowers
  37. Give love to someone hurting
  38. Call an old friend
  39. Go 24 hours without criticising anyone, especially yourself!
  40. Start a new list of random acts of kindness!