Weight Loss

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Sandra attended my Healthy Eating Classes with the hope of not just losing some weight but making healthier choices in her diet.  What she gained was a whole new outlook on food.  Read more


Denise was 4 stone overweight and couldn’t lose weight no matter what she did.  After one visit, she was 17 lbs down in 34 days, and all she did was follow my advice and eat the right foods for HER!  Read Denise’s heartwarming testimonial here


Deirdre joined my healthy eating classes to not just lose weight but educate herself on healthier choices.  The programme was so easy to follow, she lost 1.5 stone! Read her testimonial here


Not only did Miriam lose 3 stone in 8 months, she more importantly learnt so much about nutrition along the way.  Read her incredible transition here


In the words of my client Melissa “This is not a diet, it’s changing your life!”   Read how Melissa discovered the barriers to her weight loss in my Weight Loss Coaching sessions.


David started my Weight Loss Coaching programme to help with is unwanted pounds but was nervous of the restrictions most diets brought. He quickly discovered he was never hungry, the bloating was gone and he was 16lbs down in just 7 weeks.  Read more here.


Declan visited me in September 2012 for my Weight Loss Coaching service.  Although his main aim was to lose weight, he gained increased energy and his memory started to improve also.  Read his testimonial.


Caroline, a self confessed chocoholic, contacted me for weight loss as she was having difficulty losing weight after her second child.  The programme helped to motivate her back exercising, not to mention her weight and inch lost! Read her testimonial here


Hannah just needed a little guidance to get herself motivated and focused again. Within 4 weeks she was 7lbs down. Read more here