200 Food Intolerance Test


Have you ever thought “That food doesn’t agree with me”?

Declining energy levels and increasing health conditions are often assumed to be part of the aging process, however, it is more often the case that we are simply eating foods we are unable to digest. What makes it more frustrating is they are often healthy foods!

This is a simple finger pinprick blood test designed to tell you if you suffer with food intolerance. Please see more information below



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Our 200 food sensitivity test is the most comprehensive food intolerance test available, checking your reaction to over 200 foods. Each item is tested individually and you will receive the exact IgG antibody score for each food listed. Because of the wide range of foods analysed, this 200 food sensitivity test will provide you with the widest range of replacement foods which you can then safely use as an alternative.


Kit Details:

  1. This food test kit is approx 14 cm x 12 cm x 2 cm so it will pass through a standard letter box.
  2. It has the CE certification mark and it conforms with European regulation.


Kit Contents:

  1. Lancet for pricking the finger
  2. Bulbous head capillary tube for drawing up the blood sample
  3. Blood collection tube
  4. Transportation bottle to protect the blood sample in the blood collection tube during transportation
  5. Return envelope – Superstrong, Post Office Approved


Before taking  our 200 food sensitivity test, please read our Pre-Test Instructions



You will receive a copy of your laboratory test result within three weeks of sending us your blood sample, along with a guidebook and an additional comprehensive report containing nutritional advice on alternative foods, where to shop, recipes, websites, how to eat out and much more.  We also offer a follow up call or clinic visit. Unsure how to shop with your new intolerance’s? Pop into me in SuperValu Clane on the first Thursday of any month and I will walk you around the store advising you on alternative products (this service is free of charge).



As with all our nutritional testing, we recommend that you bring any test results to the attention of your GP for his/her consideration.


You have 3 options with regard to taking the blood sample

  1. Book a consultation and I will take your blood
  2. I can send the test kit to you
  3. Arrange to meet me in SuperValu Clane any Thursday where I am the instore Nutritionist.