Corporate Talks

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Would you like to learn more about healthy eating while at work?

Health & Nutrition can offer a 30 or 60 minute presentation, where you learn the basics of achieving optimum health through nutrition at your workplace.  Discover the benefits of balancing your blood sugars and learn how what we eat could be making us ill.  Why not talk to your HR department today!

An example of the topics covered in one 60 minute talk (but not limited to):

  • Achieve Optimum Health Through Nutrition
  • Food Intolerance – Is what you eat making you ill?  Learn how common ailments such as headaches/migraines, afternoon slumps and poor concentration (to mention a few) are linked to food intolerances and what we are consuming
  • The importance of balancing our blood sugars
  • Understanding Sugar – the dangers, the alternatives and how to take control
  • Food Labelling – a practical demonstration on reading food labels, involving group participation
  • The power of marketing and dispelling some of the myths we are sold
  • Boost Your Energy Naturally
  • Tips for a healthier lifestyle
  • Rewarding Yourself Without Food or Drink


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