Fiona has changed my life – this may sound dramatic – but it is true! I have suffered with Fibromyalgia for 13 years,
I have had low energy, chronic pain, brain fog, and erratic sleep patterns. Also, my weight has fluctuated for years and I’ve had constipation off and on.

Fiona asked me to keep a food diary, writing down how I felt after eating and what my moods were like. It was an eye opener! After reviewing the diary, Fiona made some changes to my diet. 

Within a couple of weeks, I felt more energized and had considerably less pain. My family were impressed as my mood also improved. All of the suggested foods and supplements were easily found and to make life easier and tastier, Fiona emailed fantastic family friendly recipes.

Months on from our first meeting, I feel terrific, my weight has stabilized and my bowels are regular! I’m back to myself!”

Linda, Fibromyalgia client, Wicklow

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