His Skin Was Red, Itchy, Cracked & Would Often Bleed

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Frank, a 5 year old boy, has suffered with eczema since the age of 2. The skin on his hands would become red, itchy, cracked and would often bleed.  The backs of his legs and particularly behind the knees and his elbow joints would become red and inflamed.  His parents would apply a moisturiser but it would sting his skin and was very upsetting for all. Frank was regularly taken to the doctor where he was prescribed a steroid cream which would only give him temporary relief.  “I would apply it for a few days until his skin cleared up, however it would be only a matter of time before the next flare up” says Frank’s Mum Cora.

Cora remembers instances during the summer where her son could not play in the sea as the stinging would be unbearable for him. “We have also had many nights of tears where he has been awake all night scratching his skin to the point where it would bleed”.

Since seeking Fiona’s advice, which included a food intolerance test, we have ascertained that Frank is gluten, dairy and egg intolerant. “Since removing gluten, dairy and eggs from his diet, the results have been significant!  After just a few weeks Frank’s skin became clear and there was no more itching, redness or irritation. The nights of broken sleep are no longer and Frank is much happier”, added Cora.

Removing Gluten and Dairy from a child’s diet is not as difficult as you might think as replacement foods are available in most stores.

Cora, Mum to Frank, 2015

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