Digestive Health Testimonials

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For many years Moira was constantly tired, extremely bloated and her moods were not great.  She had visited specialists in the past and been diagnosed with PCOS and IBS but no food changes ever helped. Since visiting Fiona, I have so much energy, I have dropped a dress size and my mood is much brighter. I feel I am back to being the kind of person I used to be. Read more


Kate came to me with numerous digestive problems and unexplained rashes.  Read how changing her diet has practically cleared all her symptoms. Read more


Victoria Was Taking Laxatives, Colpermin, Dulcolax, and Buscopan EVERY DAY for 3 Years Until She Attended One of My Food Intolerance Seminars.  Within 48 hours of removing dairy from her diet she noticed a difference and within 2 weeks she was off all medication. Read more


Aidan suffered with heartburn but like most, he dealt with it by using antacids.  Read how simple changes to his diet not only removed his heartburn but helped him lose a few unwanted pounds! Read more