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Frank was a 5 year old boy who suffered with eczema badly since the age of 2, who woke frequently crying, scratching and bleeding.  Read how in just a few short weeks, Frank’s skin became clear and there was no more itching, redness or irritation. Read Frank’s incredible journey here


Sophie was in extreme pain day in day out and was missing school on a regular basis – her whole life had effectively been put on hold. She was treated with various courses of antibiotics whilst taking up to 3 or 4 antacid tablets a day. Since visiting Fiona Sophie has not had any episodes of pain nor have we attended our doctor or taken any prescribed medication since. Read more


Recurring chest infections led Lisa’s doctors and consultant to believe her son was suffering with asthma and suggested he use inhalers and medication.  Thankfully Lisa came to me and a simple change in Jamie’s diet stopped the infections and use of inhalers. Read more