Before You Get Tested

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We recommend our clients eat as broad a range of food as possible prior to the test, including the products below for 3-5 days before coming in for the test.  If you have removed any foods from your diet, please … Continued

Pancake Tuesday

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Do you bloat after your yearly dose of pancakes and put it down to just eating too many?  Have you ever considered it may not be the quantity but you may in fact be intolerant to some of the ingredients … Continued

Most Common Food Sensitives

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tiHow often have you sat at your breakfast table, demoralised as a result of your present medical condition, bewildered and at a complete loss as to what you should do next?  The irony of it all is that many of … Continued

Nutrition – It’s NOT just about Weight Loss

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Often looked on as something to cause weight gain or weight loss, how many people look on food to increase their energy,  stabilise their moods while improving their concentration and general health? Fad diets only cause short term weight loss. … Continued

What Is Healthy Eating?

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It can be so confusing knowing what is healthy and what’s not with so many weight loss companies and clever marketing campaigns on TV convincing us their diet or their product is the best.  We are being brainwashed into thinking certain foods are … Continued

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