Boost Your Energy Naturally

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Energy is always the number one thing a client wishes they had more of.  With so many of us trying to do so much in so little time,  it’s no wonder people are so tired.Unfortunately though what happens is we reach for the instant energy hits like biscuits, chocolate, coffee or fizzy drinks.  And yes we get a huge surge in energy as our blood sugars soar through the roof, however, what goes up, must come down and an hour or two later, we are back to square one, exhausted, irritable and needing another “fix”.

Instead of yo-yoing with your energy, which also effects your mood, concentration and memory, try eating foods that will naturally boost your energy and avoid refined carbs, caffeine or other stimulants that will only give you a false boost.

Learn more about which foods boost your energy, as well as the foods that drain you, with my healthy eating classes in Naas.

In the meantime, here is a simple to make fruit and nut energy bar recipe.